KB Seafood – What We’re About

Welcome to KB Seafood! After a few years in the international seafood shipping game, we’ve decided to retire that arm of our business and focus exclusively on providing information. The online seafood delivery and shopping process can be pretty confusing, especially for people who’ve never used it before. We’ve gained a lot of knowledge from first-hand seafood shipping experience, and we’d like to share it.

Here’s some of the information you should expect to find on this site:

  • Seasonal fish guides – when specific species are in season
  • How companies price their seafood
  • How seafood shipping works
  • Popular seafood choices
  • Seafood recipes and prep tips
  • Recommendations for where to buy seafood online

We (and by “we,” we mean Katherine and Bob) are a husband-wife duo who have a combined three decades of experience in the seafood industry. Bob’s family owned a crawfish farm in Louisiana, and Katherine grew up amidst squid catchers in Rhode Island. While neither of us followed the career trajectories our families prescribed, we found joy in a different facet of the seafood industry: shipping and logistics.

We started KB Seafood several years ago as an exporter for international seafood shipping and commerce. But the past couple of years have been tough for fishers, and seafood exports is a tiring industry. So, while we want to stay involved in the seafood community, we decided to retire KB Seafood and re-launch as a new venture: A one-stop resource for all things related to buying seafood online. We don’t sell seafood ourselves, but we’ll make specific recommendations based on the great products, deals, and companies we stumble upon.

In general, specific questions about seafood orders should be directed to your online retailer, or the site from which you purchased your fish. However, if you have any generalizable questions about how seafood shipping works, drop us a line. We like to tailor content to our specific experiences, but we don’t know what you don’t know. We’re here to help!