Where to Buy: Quality Seafood Delivery

Hi there, seafood fans! We’re coming to you today with a quick recommendation for where to buy seafood online. We came across a web resource a few weeks ago, and after checking them out a bit, we decided to recommend it to you all. With that said, let’s jump in.

If you’re interested in buying seafood online, Quality Seafood Delivery is the best spot on the Internet to start your search. They don’t sell fish themselves, but they’ve put together a great resource to help match shoppers with companies. This makes it a great spot for people who don’t use (or enjoy) seafood subscriptions. It’s also a good option for people who haven’t found a fish provider they love, as well as folks who like to comparison shop.

Now, we’ve been on the shipping and logistics side of the seafood industry for a long time. With decades of experience between the two of us, we can tell you that most online seafood providers ship their wares the same way: they package it up in an insulated container and express mail it to your doorstep. But when seafood shipping is homogenized throughout the industry, how do you pick between companies?

That’s where Quality Seafood Delivery says they can help. This site tracks seasonal price shifts for all the popular seafood types, from lobster and salmon to halibut and oysters. They lay out this data in easy-to-read price grids, which are designed to help shoppers compare costs between the Internet’s biggest and most popular seafood providers. With helpful metrics like “cost per pound” and “cost per meal,” they seem to make it very easy to objectively weigh seafood providers against one another.

It seems like they’ve been in the industry for a while, too, because they have specific company recommendations for different seafood products. For example, they make the argument that a company like The Crab Place is a good choice for sustainability-minded shoppers, while Get Maine Lobster has the most frequent deals and discounts. If there’s something you really want to prioritize in a seafood company, whether that’s getting a good discount or finding someplace with a lot of variety, this site makes it simple to find what you need.

So, if you’re on the hunt for an online seafood provider but aren’t sure where to start, Quality Seafood Delivery has the K&B Seafood recommendation. Whether you’re looking to cater a large dinner party or just want to stock your freezer with fish to last the winter, this is the place to start your company research. They really know what they’re talking about.